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At Shining Star CDC we inspire the love of learning. 

                                         A child who loves learning today,
Will love leading tomorrow.

Spring is finally here... Don't wait, SIGN UP for the Summer/Fall now!
Let's enjoy the beautiful weather that this season brings.
We are thrilled with all our educational & fun programs we are offering at SHINING STAR CDC this summer. Most activities are year round for our children, but each season is always something fresh and exciting.
From Nutrition, with the "LETS GO 5210" program to Yoga, fitness, gardening, and music, just  to name a few things we touch on in addition to our regular daily curriculum.
The kids love the fresh air and getting outdoors. We will be incorporating FREE Creative Movement classes from the Portland Ballet for the Preschool & Pre-K.
Health & Nutrition along with exercise, lets the children maintain useful energy throughout the day.

Our themed weeks have been a hit. The kids love competing to see which class can win a special prize. Participating as a team has been wonderful to watch.
Our Gallery of the Stars Showcase has once again been featured in the well known KIDS FIRST newspaper, for the 2nd year in a row.
Graduation is coming upon us, and though bittersweet, its always a hit.
Our teachers here, hold nothing back and give it their all to make your child's experience here, rewarding and fun, a place they can call

Call us today and set up a tour @ 772-7111
Shining Star CDC is a quality Child Development Center that has created a place where children can begin to develop the qualities that will allow them to have the self confidence and desire to participate in a program that promotes a love of learning.  Our individualized age appropriate curriculum consists of themed based activities that are stimulating and educational.
       We offer free classes in Sign Language, Spanish, Fitness and Nutrition. Our Pre-Kindergarten classes are geared towards the specific goals that Kindergarten teachers feel are important for a successful transition into Elementary School.
     Our staff are all state certified and train continually through the Maine Roads to Quality program. They all share a love for children and know the value of the job they have chosen do. Together they bring a medley of experiences and talents to our school that lend to our goals as well as the goals each parent has for their child.
     We appreciate the role we play in each child's life as well as the trust each parent gives a child's caregiver. It is an honor to contribute to the strong foundation that parents set for their children and a role we value each and every day.  

Our Graduation ceremony for the Pre-Kindergarten class each June isn't just an accomplishment for the students. Parents, teachers and extended families come together to celebrate all that they have accomplished and celebrated throughout the year with that child. It's a day for creating wonderful memories that all will cherish for a lifetime. 

Children are our most valuable resource.
Herbert Hoover

We are always aware of our precious responsibility.
We celebrate your child's accomplishments and like to show off their work by having special parties, art shows and events that include parents and make each child feel that they are valued and special. Our last annual art show was featured in the Kidsville newspaper. It's an art show we have each year in March to showcase the Pre-K art work that is inspired by famous artists. 
5 Ways to Celebrate the First Day of School

1. Remember it!!! Have your child hold a sign or poster with their name, date and "The First Day of", Looking back on photos one doesn't always remember exactly what year or grade it was. This insures you won't forget.

2.Let them Choose- Letting your child take part in picking out school supplies or clothes gives them a sense of ownership and self esteem.

3. Make a Book- All about your child's first day. Include pictures and you could even have their teacher write a little something in it.

4. CAKE- We use it for birthdays and weddings why not make it an official celebration with CAKE.

5,Create a Drop Spot- A place for your child to drop their books, backpack, shoes and everything they lug home from school. Add it to a corner with a bean bag chair and call it an After School Chill Out Zone.
Brown Bagging it Just Keeps Getting Better!
     Packing a good lunch for your pre school child can be discouraging for parents. Finding a balance between what they like and what they'll actually eat can be a trick even Houdini himself could not accomplish. Sometimes a creative presentation can make a world of difference. Be creative with the condiments and make some ketchup smiles under pickle noses and watch your toddler wink back at the blueberry eyes and gobble up that new little friend they just met in their lunch box. Throw in some whole grain snacks or make a trail mix of craisens, soy nuts, cheerios and dark chocolate chips an "I love You" note and voila,  sweet success.. Pre-school lunches can be a big hit with the right amount of creativity and silliness. Having a supportive teacher who can wiggle in some tricks of her own to get your little one to eat all his vitamin ABC"S  goes a long way as well. If all else fails, just wait.  Children's taste buds are always changing and one day he may not like that sun butter and banana sandwich, and the next day it's his new favorite.So keep trying, even if your picky eater turns her nose up the first time, it's highly likely that will change. Liking particular foods is not just due to the taste. Remember that color, texture and mood play a big part in whether or not your child will enjoy that plate of steamed broccoli you just made. 
Our staff train continually through Maine Roads to Quality. Maine Roads to Quality works with various partners across the state, including Maine’s Higher Education System, to promote professional development opportunities throughout the state.
Call, e mail or stop by today and take a tour of our school.
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