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The Cost of Childcare Doesn't Have to Break the Bank!

Every child is a unique individual. At Shining Star CDC our own Home Away from Home curriculum was designed to offer parents the best qualities of a home based and facility based childcare center rolled into one. Our program focuses on each child and their own developmental needs and we base our activities around them and not the other way around. 

The basis for all of the interactions we have with your child is about their experience. We want each child to have an experience that not only promotes their self esteem, but gives them the tools to hold on to it in the future.


Infant Center

New studies have shown that newborn babies require an environment that is somewhat like that of an external womb. An environment where their needs are continuously met. Our newborn rooms were designed specifically with that in mind and also to be much like your traditional nursery found in a loving home. Caregivers are always only a few steps away to be at your baby's beckon call in order to meet their every need and provide them with the comfort and specific kind of care and attention that a baby's brain requires to develop to it's fullest potential.

We are here to provide your baby with the schedule that they have been on at home with you. When it comes to feeding and napping times, we will follow whatever you have worked out that works best with your family.

If setting a schedule for your baby has been a challenge for you and you would like some assistance in that area, our infant caregiving team can help with that as welll. It's all about creating an experience that YOU feel works best for your baby.

Shining Star CDC's goal is to provide families with quality childcare at an affordable cost. We do accept families who's income level qualifies them for assistance from the state of Maine. If you feel that you may qualify for a subsidy program or are interested in getting some information about that, please CLICK HERE.

Maine's Child Care Subsidy Program

What is the Child Care Subsidy Program?
The Child Care Subsidy Program helps eligible families to pay for child care so they can work, go to school or participate in a job training program.

Who is eligible to receive Child Care Subsidy?
Eligible families must meet the income guidelines
At least one of the following activities:
job training program

Summer/Fall Registration 2018

Sign up for the Summer or Fall season now. Enrollment packets are available and we are conducting center tours daily just call today to set up an appointment. During the months of April and May sign up and receive free registration.

Child Development Center

Around one year to 18 months, your baby will be ready to move over to our Child Devlopment Center. It is here that we will begin to transition your baby to morte of a center schedule. Nap and feeding times will be set for the group as well as outdoor playtimes and activites. Teachers will begin to work on socialization skills along with all of the other stages of development that preparte your child for the next group they will join on their journey through the center and on the Kindergarten.