Shining Star

Child Development Center

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Every child is a unique individual. At Shining Star CDC our own Home Away from Home curriculum was designed to offer parents the best qualities of a home based and facility based childcare center rolled into one. Our program focuses on each child and their own developmental needs and we base our activities around them and not the other way around. 

The basis for all of the interactions we have with your child is about their experience. We want each child to have an experience that not only promotes their self esteem, but gives them the tools to hold on to it in the future.


Infant Center

New studies have shown that newborn babies require an environment that is somewhat like that of an external womb. An environement where their needs are continuously met. Our newborn rooms were designed specifically with that in mind and also to be much like your traditional nursery found in a loving home. Caregivers are always only a few steps away to be at your baby's beckon call in order to meet their every need and provide them with the comfort and specific kind of care and attention that a baby's brain requires to develop to it's fullest potential.

Fall Registration 2017

Sign up for the Fall. Enrollment packets are available and we are conducting center tours daily just call today to set up an appointment. During the months of July and August sign up and receive free registration.