Shining Star CDC supports Mom's who breastfeed. We encourage new mother's to do what they know is best for their baby. We welcome mother's who breastfeed to come by throughout the day to nurse if that's what they need and want for their new addition.

Our staff is well versed in the benefits of breastfeeding and everything it offers to you and your baby. We feel it is important to support breastfeeding as well as understanding some of the challenges working moms face. Please ask about some of the options we have for breastfed babies and what we can do to help you succeed when it comes to breastfeeding and working.

Great infant care is crucial to your baby's development. At Shining Star CDC we have put together an infant curriculum by conducting careful research into the science behind what an infant needs in order to thrive.

Early experiences in a child's life affect the architecture of their brain. It is the quality of this architecture that establishes a sturdy or fragile foundation for all future learning.

The early experiences that we provide are those of meaningful interactions that focus on touch, eye contact, positive engagement and  building strong bonds to promote esteem, curiosity and a love of learning.

A Guide for New Parents


Some of what we offer families in our infant center:

-We plan our daily schedule around your baby and don't expect you to plan yours or theirs around us.

​- Infant Center staff send updates, pictures and cheerful hellos throughout the day to keep parents feeling close to and a part of their baby's day.

​-Experienced staff who understand infant development and parent expectations.

​-Flexible hours that include 1/2 days, full days or part time throughout the week.

​-Extended hours compared to most local centers. We are open early at 6:30am until 6:00pm to accommodate parents with various work schedules. We are also flexible with pick up and drop off times and understanding of a working parents demanding schedules.

​-3 discounted sick days per year

​-Open Door Policy- Unlike a lot of centers we welcome visits or drop ins to check on your baby and do not require a phone call or appointment prior.

​-Guaranteed Rates- We're one of the few who guarantee your tuition rate will only go down the longer your child is enrolled at the center.

- Discounts on siblings, military personnel and radius.

-Full Infant Curriculum that includes a variety of activities to promote infant development, stimulation and growth along with annual assessments to monitor your baby's progress.

​-Access to and collaboration with experienced behavioral health professionals, and both speech and occupational therapists through various Child Development Services with whom we work closely to build a strong goal orientated plan for children with developmental delays or challenges. 

- And much more... 

Baby's Day

​The Infant room schedule at Shining Star CDC is designed to address every infants individual needs. We strongly implement our 'Home Away from Home" curriculum and philosophy with our infants and their families. Whatever you do for your baby at home is what we will do at the center. This includes feeding and naptimes.

A daily record of all the days feeding, diapering, napping, playing and activities will be sent home each day. Infant teachers also do frequent observations and regular assessments on your baby so they can be as informative as  possible for you.  

We'll never expect your baby to be on "our" schedule. Our classrooms revolve around the baby's schedules and parents are thoroughly informed of them each day.

New parents are also free to communicate with the Infant Center staff via text so they feel a part of their child's day in our hope to make the separation more manageable for you.

The Infant Center at Shining Star CDC is more than just daycare for your baby. Because our infant center staff is trained specifically with infant care, they are more aware of how their actions throughout the day with your baby affects him/her. The actions that are important are those that are as close to what a child experiences at home with a loving and caring mother.

We provide meaningful interactions and care by being the kind of center that chooses to hold babies while they are given a bottle. We are sure to make the eye contact that a baby requires for optimal health, stress free feedings, stimulation and relaxation.

Our job doesn't end once a baby is fed, burped, diapered and napped. Our staff are always holding, cooing, talking to, playing with and engaging with all the babies in their care.

One of the last things we want to worry over when pregnant is searching for childcare. Finding an opening, great location and a place that is just right can be overwhelming to say the least.

At Shining Star, we know that providing great infant care starts with Mom first. We want all of our new moms to spend the last few months of their pregnancy feeling relaxed, excited and secure in knowing that they have a center ready and waiting for their precious bundle and all the work is done.   

If you are interested in our infant care program, we can send you information. Just complete the form, include your e mail, due-date and date you're looking to start. We'll take care of the rest.

Plan ahead for your child's home away from home today. Reserve a spot today so that we can have a place all ready for your new baby. We'll help make your maternity leave as stress free and relaxing as possible so every minute can be spent on you getting to know your little one.

Breastfeeding and Childcare, How to Make it Work.

Anyone can feed a baby, put them in a swing, place them in a crib, sit them in a feeding chair, but our staff know that real care is not about doing just the basics. They  understand the importance of doing more than that. They value the impact they are being entrusted to have on each and every baby at Shining Star. It is with all of that in mind that we begin each day, ready to care for, excited to share with and happy to provide the loving attention that our center in known to give in ways that set us apart from the rest.

Email us today for more information on our NEW infant care center.

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