10 Traits Every Childcare Worker Should Have

At Shining Star, we are always interested in adding team members who have a passion for working with children, creative style, a big sense of humor and a great work ethic. If you feel that describes you, and you're not afraid of hard work and enjoy the challenge of working in an early childhood aged classroom, we'd love to hear from you. If we have any current openings, or foresee any in the near future, we'll be glad to set up an interview with you. Just fill out the information below, type "employment" in the subject line, a brief paragraph about yourself and your experience,  and we'll get back to you within 48 to 72 hours. 

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Good Communication Skills
A care provider should be able to communicate well with parents. She spends a large chunk of time daily with their  little ones, and parents will want to know what happens during the hours they're together. This includes things like behavior problems, health issues, potty training progress and interactions she has with the other children at the facility. At Shining Star we place a lot of importance on a persons ability to understand the dynamics of parent communication. Employees should have an ability to know when delicate communication is needed, when privacy is appropriate and how to be tactful, understanding and informative. 

Child Development Knowledge
At Shining Star CDC, we do not require teachers to have a degree. We like to take a few things into consideration such as experience, desire to work with children and make a difference in their lives, and ability. A person who knows a little about kids is better able to care for children under 5, however, we are always willing to train the right person.  A care provider with some teaching experience, a child development background or years of day care experience typically makes for a great employee, but we do place value in a persons "calling" and decision to change their career because they love children and know that's what they are meant to do, even if they have little experience in teaching. 

Emergency Training
In a perfect world,  day care providers wouldn't have to worry about things like CPR, choking or first aid. But children under 5  aren't often known for their stellar sense of balance or their ability to anticipate danger. We feel better with a staff who know how  to handle emergency situations, from boo-boos like scraped knees to more serious -- and scary -- problems like choking. Safety is always our number 1 priority. 

As a mom, you know how much the toddler years put your patience to the test. With a room full of toddlers, your care provider needs an abundance of this virtue. Without a patient personality, she's likely to snap over toddler temper tantrums or kiddos who refuse to share. And these things are likely to happen approximately every five minutes.

Positive Attitude
When looking for a care provider,  we skip right past the Debbie Downers in the application pile. Everyone has a bad day now and then, but we want the children at Shining Star CDC around  positive, upbeat people  when they are in our care. We get a good sense of someone's outlook on life during the interview process, and warn that negative people need not apply. 

It's tough for parents to leave their child with someone else. Children may feel the same apprehension over being separated from Mommy. A care provider with a nurturing personality can give children a feeling of safety and comfort while they are here. When caring for infants, it is critical for them to be with someone who is loving, knows the importance of touch and understands that those things affect their brain development. 

A day care provider takes on a huge responsibility when she agrees to watch someone else's children.. You may assume that anyone who enters the child care field would have a sense of responsibility, but that's not always the case. We want an adult who provides constant supervision of the children and makes responsible decisions that keep them safe while at the center. Responsibility often comes with age and experience in the child care field.

Your definition of "fun" has probably changed from your college partying days. With children in the picture, fun comes in the form of playing Candyland for the millionth time or dancing wildly to  music. To keep children entertained and happy during the day,  a caregiver who plays with the kids and plans age-appropriate activities for them is best.

When working with children, each day you're not just expected to show up for your boss, you have children depending on you as well.  . A reliable day care provider is consistently available per the agreement you made when hired in order to give each child quality care.

No matter how much experience a day care provider has, she should value what parents  want for their child. A care provider who follows parents and the centers wishes on topics like potty training and discipline shows that she respects your concerns for your child. A relationship with the caregiver based on trust means less tension between home and day care.


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What Does Shining Star Offer?

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Job Requirements at Shining Star CDC

​1. High school diploma or GED

​2. CPR/First Aid Certified- or willingness to attend a training course.

3.We prefer employees to have experience working with children under 5, however, for assistants and floater positions we will train the right candidate. 

​4.At Shining Star, all employees are expected to maintain 40 hours of professional development training. We provide some of the training hours for free to our employees and offer opportunities for staff to take trainings on various topics related to child development. 

​5. Ability to be active, on your feet, lift small children.

​6. Enthusiastic about implementing our Home Away from Home curriculum and desire to be creative and think outside the box and maintain  a developmentally appropriate classroom and activities.

​7. Sense of humor is MANDATORY. 

8. Not afraid to sing, dance, play and be silly.

​9. Thrives in energetic atmospheres and unpredictable situations.

10. Able to properly clean and sanitize a room, toys, bathroom, changing stations and kitchens.

11. Comfortable changing diapers, aiding in potty training, wiping noses, feeding, holding, rocking  babies.

12. Comfortable with responsibility, able to act quickly and has an eye for safety issues and hazards.

13. Ability to conduct child observations and document them.

14. Reliable transportation.

15. Must be a TEAM PLAYER, and communicate with others in an open mature and understanding manner. 

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